Plastic Reflector psd


I have done this plastic reflector last week just for fun, it ended been much more work than what I expected.  And I am not completely satisfied. I was going to keep working on it,  but I think that a great idea would be to give the psd and see what would you do to …

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Minimal Light User Interface


This next freebie is something I had in mind since i first saw the portable OP-1 synthesizer . I had a lot of fun doing it and I hope you like it too. You can resize the elements to whatever size you want, because as always is done with paths and shapes. Download it and enjoy …

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Photoshop Timer Panel


I created this Photoshop Timer Panel based on an idea given by Chris Casey.

It is not as detailed and functional as he and I would have liked, but I still hope it is useful to track the time you spend on specific files.

I will research a bit more to try to add a time recording functionality. Ideas are welcome.

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Lamborghini Tachometer Freebie


I started this just for fun, but I am going to make a set of cool tachometers and give it as a freebie. Do you like it?

As always everything is made with shapes and completely editable.

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12 New Photoshop Tools for CS6


Updated for Photoshop CS6 Version 13.0.1 x64

Here is the NEW and free CS6 version of one of the best freebies ever for professional Photoshop users “Trevor Morris Scripts.“

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8 More Textures for Professional User Interface Designers


After so many downloads of my previous freebie “10 Must Have Textures for Professional User Interface Designers” I decided to make and give away another beautiful pack of textures for interface designers. This pack includes 8 large (2560×1440) high quality images. Please feel free to share, download and enjoy them.

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The Dribbble giveaway results


The submissions were really impressive. It was hard to choose our favorites.

I want to thank @meisso_jarno, @Cazoobi and @Pixelcloth for joining me and making possible this great Dribbble invite giveaway.

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Dribbble Invite Giveaway January 2012


Once again here is a Dribble Invite Giveaway, this time to celebrate the New Year 2012 and my new website design thanks to an awesome theme by Orman Clark and a lot of customization and hard work.

Now your chances of becoming a member of the greatest design community in the world have TRIPLED QUADRUPLED!!!

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Dribbble Invite Giveaway Results


Time to announce the two winners of the Dribbble invite giveaway.
The submissions were really impressive. It was hard to choose our favorites.
However, the ones that blew us away were:
Hans van Wijk (@hansvanwijk83 ) and Savman (@savman_ ).

I must also mention several that would have gotten invites had we had a few more. Here they are, in no particular order…

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Dribbble Invite Giveaway


This is the second time I am doing a dribbble invite giveaway, but this time we’re gonna do things a little differently.

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