Plastic Reflector psd


I have done this plastic reflector last week just for fun, it ended been much more work than what I expected.  And I am not completely satisfied. I was going to keep working on it,  but I think that a great idea would be to give the psd and see what would you do to …

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HTML 5 Shield Logo in 3D – Free PSD


Today I am giving away a HTML Logo in 3D , but made completely in Adobe Photoshop. I bet can also find the 3d stage useful. As always everything is completely editable and scalable. Download and enjoy it.  

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Dribbble Invite Giveaway January 2012


Once again here is a Dribble Invite Giveaway, this time to celebrate the New Year 2012 and my new website design thanks to an awesome theme by Orman Clark and a lot of customization and hard work.

Now your chances of becoming a member of the greatest design community in the world have TRIPLED QUADRUPLED!!!

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3D Metal and Chrome Effect Freebie


The 3D Metal and the Chrome effects are made out of paths or text layers , styles and textures . Everything is completely editable. Specially made and organized for you to take it apart and see how is made. I hope you find it useful, maybe learn something new, and use this technique somewhere else . Enjoy

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Dark and Black Backgrounds


As some may know , I like dark and abstract desktop images. I made a set of 3 images and give it for free. Enjoy.

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Wrench Free .PSD


Everything is completely editable and made with paths.
Tweet it to share it, and download it.

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How to Make a Textured 3D Spray Can


In today’s tutorial we will demonstrate how to combine Illustrator and Photoshop to create a 3D, textured spray can. This tutorial requires some basic understanding of Illustrator and Photoshop as well as the pen tool. Let’s get started!

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FREE Vector iPhone 4 plus Bonus Backgrounds

  • iPhone 4  in 3 angles.
  • Every phone detail is made with editable paths (vector)
  • You can easily change any dimensions & rotate without loosing detail or quality
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