Photoshop Timer Panel

Photoshop Timer Panel

I created this Photoshop Timer Panel based on an idea given by Chris Casey.

It is not as detailed and functional as he and I would have liked,  but I still hope it is useful to track the time you spend on specific files.

I will research a bit more to try to add a time recording functionality. Ideas are welcome.

This is a CS6 extension only, if you want a CS5 version, please leave a comment saying so.

To install it just double click the “CS6 timer by DMONZON.zxp” file and the Adobe Extension Manager CS5 will come up with instructions.

Once the extension is installed,  the panel can be opened  from “Window” menu>”Extension” submenu>”CS6 timer by DMONZON.zxp”.

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Please go to  to Download  a newer version.

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Photoshop Timer Panel

Photoshop Timer Panel Photoshop Timer Panel



















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  1. Ray

    hey,i very like your work,i like your extensions,
    i follow your works long time,
    and here’s another good idea,
    please check this out!
    it’s an Adobe Air program,
    i hope you can make something like that in cs6
    it’s so helpful to design.

  2. Hi,
    Would it be possible then to have the same panel for the CS5? It would be really great!


  3. Celia

    Oye esto está GENIAL!!!!!!!!!. yOU ARE A GENIUS, you work is incredible.. Thanks

  4. hi! we want the CS5 version :)

    if you want some help, I’m a little coder and if you share the source, may I (or another people) help you!

  5. Anything for illustrator?

  6. Wolf


    i love the timer panel. Thanks.
    You can build in a function of recording / monitoring time

    It measures the time for the open file and saves the result in a text file (with the name of the file) automatically or manually.


  7. ND

    Auto start and stop timer based on the usage of tools. If the user doesn’t use any tool for a period of time the timer will automatically stop. The period of time is editable. Even viewing the artwork in Full screen is a part of the job so that condition can be added.

  8. Would love to see a CS5 version, can’t afford to upgrade yet >_<

  9. Will

    Though the extensions load into Adobe Extensions Manager CS6, they’re not available via Photoshop’s window/extensions menu. Any thoughts?

  10. Wolf

    i have the same problem: the extension is not available in the extensions menu.
    CS6 64bit Win7 german 64 bit


  11. Looks great! Would love to see this integrated with our time tracking app Paymo ( – a lot of designers use our app.

  12. manisha

    Hi, i don’t have photshop CS6 plz upload for CS5 please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please

  13. onno

    When I install it via the Adobe Extension Manager, I found a message: Publisher can not be determined.

    I chose to install, but I could not find it on photoshop CS6 panel.
    Can you give me a guide?

  14. Mohsen

    tnx dude. really cool. not only this! all of your extensions are coool <3

  15. It is a great idea! But do you have a CS5 version?

  16. Alais

    At last! Thank you for this wonderful thing. :D

  17. Hi.

    I need the CS5 version.


  18. amazing

    Hi ! This plugin doesn’t works on my Photoshop CS6.
    I don’t know why…

  19. dave

    i installed it but it does now show up on window/extensions

    how can i fix it?

    also will this work on a pc also? or only on mac?

  20. Hidde G

    I’d like the CS5 version if possible? This is exactly what I’m searching for.

  21. Lauren

    CS5 please… I don’t have cs6 :( and i’d really really really to have this..

  22. Skyirs

    I would love to have this on cs5 please :D ! this is great and amazing

  23. marie

    I would love to have this on cs5. Thanks and God bless! =)

  24. Setzer89

    Please can you share the cs5 version?

  25. Pachabel

    I’d love love a CS5 version! This is such a need add-on for Photoshop (and perfect for us freelancers)


    CS5 PLS !

  27. Ole Jensen


    Your time panel is a great and very useful extension.
    I just wonder if you are planing for a CC version.
    And if i may come with a wish for improvement, it would be very convenient if
    there even was a bottom to press if you want the time to be imbedded in the
    XMP data in the current file.

    Have a nice day =)


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