Free Photoshop Pen Panel

Free Photoshop Pen Panel

I am sure this little & simple panel will save time to some of you when working with the pen tool.

Please feel free to download it.

I would love to hear what kind of tools you would like to see in Photoshop.


Please go to  to Download  a newer version.

Make sure to check the PSD Organizer panel too.

Free Photoshop Pen Panel


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Many thanks for your comments.

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  1. Hey Diego, unfortunately I don’t have CS5 – do these work in CS4? I’ve managed to install it on a beta version of CS6 but i’m getting “Load panel xml error Error #2032″ same with the Trevor Morris scripts.

    Any advice? Thanks

  2. Harry

    Very useful. saves alota time!

  3. Gavin

    Hello Diego, impressive set of tools. I’ve tried it on Photoshop CS6 and it will install but you get an error “Load panel xml error” when fire them up. Any fixes?

    (dmonzon tools, pen panel, psd organizer…)


  4. This will definitely help me out. I constantly forget shortcut keys, this will be quicker. Thanks alot mate!

  5. Best way is stil to remember key combination when using pen tool. Pretty cool plugin nonetheless

  6. Tim

    Hi Diego,
    These plugins are great, thanks! I was wondering if it’s possible to make a pen panel that has the option to switch between horizontal and vertical layouts?
    It would be great to have a vertical strip to place beneath the main toolbar on a larger screen. With the horizontal one I seem to have to keep moving it around so it won’t obstruct my view of the image I’m working on.
    Anyway, thanks for these great plugins.

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