Book Icon Template

Book Icon Template

This free book template  is made with paths. So you can resize it without loosing shape quality .
You only have to replace the texture to make a completely new book.

Check out the following image .
Book Icon Template

Download the Book Template

Book Icon Template

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  1. John

    Fantastic work. You nailed the texture.

  2. admin

    Thanks John

  3. Dougieladd

    Nice site. Nice tutorials. Great Freebees, and inspiration. Cheers!

  4. Thank you Dougieladd.

  5. Amazing site and amazing work, congratulation!

  6. great thanks! I’ll check this site weekly!

  7. Hey guys, I have a few questions about this template.

    I’m not exactly a graphic designer and I have no formal training with Photoshop. Although I have studied it on my own since Photoshop CS2, there’s a couple of things I know.

    Based on the description, I can resize this icon. Can I make it bigger too? I have modified this icon to make my third app’s app icon. Thing is, iTunes requires me to submit a 1024 x 1024 image. So if it’s possible to make it bigger, what’s the best way? I have actually resized it a couple of times, by making it smaller, but apparently going to “Image > Image Size” is not doing the right thing. I need this icon in many different sizes and when I resize going to that menu option it just looks… Weird.

  8. can

    amazing work, thank you

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