Two Dribbble Invites Giveaway

Two Dribbble Invites Giveaway

As many of you probably already know, is an exclusive online community of designers where you can not only exhibit your work but also be critiqued by some of the best designers out there.

To celebrate the launch of my new website, I will be giving away two invites. If you want to become a member, here’s your chance.

To help me decide on my favorites, please complete all three of the following steps:

  1. Leave a comment to this post with a link to your portfolio and a brief statement on why you would like to be a part of
  2. Send a Tweet that mentions @userdiegomonzon and includes a link (  to this post.
  3. Follow me on Twitter because that’s where I’ll announce the winners.

My choices will be announced on April 17, 2011.


Thanks to all you guys and gals who participated. As I said before, this has been much harder than I anticipated because there are many good designers out there. However, there were only two invitations to give away, and I have chosen:


Thanks again everybody.

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Many thanks for your comments.

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  1. Hi Diego,

    Congratulations with the launch of you’re website!

    A time ago I already asked you on what’s the best way to get an invite on Dribbble.
    Seriously, my life exist of 12 hours average designing a day, from UI to website to Photography etc. I really love to share this on Dribbble because it’s superb platform for sharing design.

    Here’s some work:

    Grtz an succes!

  2. Hi there! I definitely want an invite! This is my portfolio, and I want it because I want people to see my work through dribbble! Thanks for the opportunity Diego! ;)


  3. Hey Diego,

    I would like to be a Dribbble member! Thanks for the opportunity! Here’s my portfolio:

  4. Congrats, great site!!
    I wish a dribbble invitation from many time, mainly to improve my skills, to be know, because it’s “cool” and the 17th is my mother’s birthday =P ahah

    For the portfolio:

  5. hi diego,

    congratulation for the new site, very interesting concept : )

    my website:
    portfolio on GR:

  6. Hi Diego,

    Congratulations on the launch of your new website!

    I’ve just recently found out about dribbble and I find the site very interesting. I saw that it’s quite difficult to become a full member, so I would be very thankful if I get the invite.

    The reason that I like to join dribbble is that I like to see the feedback from other designers for my designs, and by that to improve my designing skills, but also I would like to promote my work on the site.

    This is my online portfolio:

    This is my GraphicRiver portfolio:


  7. hey, forgoto to mention the TF portfolio : )

    here it is:



  8. I would love to be part of dribbble because the community seems awesome, and everything on the site is beautiful. I don’t have much in my portfolio, but I would love to be part of the community.

  9. Hello,

    I like to be a part of this great community …. I think in this I can improve my work by the suggestion and can help or suggest others… Here is a great and expert community, where I can shine my skill and learn something new….

    Congrats for your new website launch.. :)

    My portfolio is here….

    Hope I will get one ;)

    Thank you.

  10. I covet great critique and what better place is there to get that then from a community of professional artists and creatives? I think my art is unique and I enjoy capturing it but I would love a community of veterans like yourself guiding me on.

    My Portfolio

    Thank you for the opportunity and considerations, it means a lot to me.’

    -Tyler A. van der Hoeven

  11. Heya! I’ve been part of the design community for a long time and it has become my main passion, you can check my work at and I’ve been part of communities like Forrst for a while now and I found it very useful for my work to be able to receive critics from like minded people.

    Thank you.

  12. Hey Diego!
    Thanks for the chance you are giving to us to become part of dribbble. :) My personal interest to be part of the community is mainly to have feedback of my current works so i can improve my skills.

    PS: Of course, you can check my GR portfolio here:

  13. Hey diego
    Site looks cool, still loving the new logo!

    I think you should hook me up with a dribbble invite because I’m a dedicated designer who has original new ideas, I’m constructive in my criticism to others when it comes to design, Im in the top 30 all time sellers/designers at graphic river and I think it’s time the folks over at dribbble got a peek at what I do.

    As you know Im already following you, and I don’t need a dribbble invite as an incentive to retweet you because I do it all the time. So I’ve ticked those boxes :)

    My work


    Graphic river:


    Good luck making your decision mate

    Norm – cazoobi

  14. I would like to become a member of the dribbble community because there is nothing else like it anywhere in the world. Where else can you receive feedback or share ideas with the best designers on the planet? A dribbble invite isn’t just something to boast about, it’s something to embrace, cherish and make the most of! I believe any designers creativity will progress and mature with dribbble interaction, and I definitely want to be a part of that!

  15. Mudassar

    Hi here is my portfolio
    and also here is my website which includes other designs of mine hope you like
    I wanted to improve my skills thats why i need dribble account

    congratulations for your website launch :)

  16. I’d love to be a part of Dribbble because I feel with the right environment my design skills could greatly improve. I’m often browsing the uploads trying to get inspiration from everyone to try and create as good a design skill set as possible. I haven’t got a live portfolio at the moment, but you can see my work on Forrst at

    Big fan of the new site as well, by the way.

  17. Congrats on the website launch, it’s looks awesome.

    I’d love to be a part of Dribble – I’m already a prospect ( and I think I’d make a great addition to the site.

    My portfolio site is at and I’m @samlester on Twitter!

    Thanks for your consideration!
    Sam Lester

  18. Hey Diego,

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. I’d love to give back to a community that’s been so inspiring and motivating—even to a spectator.

    Here’s some of my work:


  19. Lewis Bell

    Hey Diego,

    Firstly congratulations on a well designed and executed site; it’s very well put together.

    I’ve sent out my tweet and here’s my explanation as to why I’m searching for a Dribbble invite:

    I’m very passionate about improving my own skills and in order to manage this I always seek quality feedback with constructive criticism. I’m currently a member of a few different communities where I seek critique but in order to be the best I need advice from the best… hence where Dribbble comes in.

    I currently don’t have a portfolio online (it’s been offline for a while whilst I work through a university course) but you can still see my work at any of these places:

    Thanks for giving us all this opportunity.
    Lewis Bell.

  20. Hey man, your new site looks great! Got an RSS feed I could subscribe to?
    Anyways, I’d love to be on Dribbble because of the great, direct feedback you get. I’m wanting to expand my skillset and freelance ‘career’ (if you can call it that) and what better place is there than Dribbble?
    You can view my work on my DeviantArt profile ( ) or my own site:

  21. Amazing entries already

  22. i just love the dribbble concept and how the designers interact there
    very much interested to join there
    my works link

    nurul amin russel

  23. Wow! Well first things first congratulations on the site, the logo looks mint great job! How to compete with all these others? I don’t know that I can, but why not…

    As far as I can see there don’t seem to be many NZ designers on dribbble, so maybe that would be a good reason to give me an invite, ha ha add a bit of culture and couture, or maybe just some good ole kiwi humor!

    Here’s my web site: it’s a bit messy at the moment, it’s been so full on with work that I haven’t gotten around to it…

    I have invites to, and (which I believe you are alreay a member, so maybe we can swapsies!

    All the best


  24. heres is my portfolio, i would like an invite to dribble please!!!

  25. Awesome site! Very clean! Thanks for finding me on twitter. I am now a follower, I would love an invite as I am an up & coming designer fresh out of college.

  26. Great job on your site. Im not going to sugar coat this comment and kiss your but. I like the work you have don and am digging the tutorials for sure. I have been recently laid off and am trying to get back on my feet as a freelance designer. I have just completed my website and you can follow me at @artosousa. Thanks again and well done on the site!

  27. Hey there, I am hoping to become a member of the dribbble community for a couple of reasons, but mostly because I plan to relocate across the country next January after my wedding and am working to update/enhance my portfolio. I plan to do that by regularly working on fun projects that a membership with dribbble would encourage me to really make at a higher quality level. I’d love to share with other creatives in such a fun type of environment, what is going on in the world of Jessica.

    Check out my portfolio, and follow me on twitter @jesliv


  28. Hi,

    We want to become dribbblers cause we love Photoshop and want to share what we know and do with everybody! Our dribbbles will eventually become freebies and tutorials that the entire community can freely use and benefit from!


  29. I just threw together a portfolio of some work that I have done mostly in my free time.

    I am a user experience/interaction designer and I make crazy stuff that connects to the internet for my day job. My night life is spent finding new ways to simplify people’s lives through design.

    Id like to be a player because I think I could offer great insight especially in the UI field.


  30. All the good stuff’s above. I’m a graduating college senor waiting for the perfect chance (*cough* dribbble invite *cough*) to attack the design market like a puma. And like a hobo searching for a good time, i would hope that your invite love would prowl the streets of my mind…and mail inbox.

  31. Hey Diego,

    Congratz with your new website!

    Why I would love a invite to Dribbble? is a big inspiration blog for me. I’m a dutch fresh graduated designer focussing on mobile UI and would love to inspire others. It’s time to give some inspiration back to others.

    Will you help me inspire others?

    Kind regards and best wishes,


  32. Hi Diego,

    Cong, nice work. I need invite for Dribbble account because I have a lot of great works which I want to share with other awesome designers.

    My portfolio:

    Best Wishes,







  34. Hello Diego!

    I know you from GraphicRiver so I’ll spare you a long reason why you should definitely invite me to Dribbble!

    Best examples of my work are on GraphicRiver here – I love spending a lot of time with the details and already use Dribbble ( for inspiration and seeing what the top dogs are up to.

    Already follow you on Twitter so thanks for the invite opportunity.


  35. hi diego,

    thanks for sharing your invites.

    the portfolio itself is already a little outdated, currently working on a new one.

    some other pieces / work in progress:

    why do i want to join dribble?
    i want to get connected to the creative scene for sharing, feedback and inspiration. dribbble is currently the best way to do so.


    (I’M 3 UP ) :)

  37. Hey! I’m Alyssa, a web designer & developer. My work would benefit from the feedback of my design peers as opposed to the no feedback I have now. Thanks!
    dribbble prospect page:
    personal site:

  38. Hi Diego, I am always impressed by your work on Forrst & Dribbble. Congrats on the launch of your new site!
    Here’s some links of mine:
    Looking forward to seeing the results!

  39. Hey Diego,

    I am the designer at Ether Creative and I’d love an invite to dribble because its the most god-damn inspirational place on earth!
    Would do anything to be part of that awesome community!

    Link to my portfolio at Ether:

    Cheers Man

  40. admin

    This is gonna be much harder than I ever thought !

  41. Hello Diego. Dig the site!

    My name is Emir and I’m a graphic/web designer from Sweden (currently residing in Oslo).

    I’m looking for a Dribbble invite because I would love to share my work with others and I feel I have a lot of work to show to the designing community.

    I visit Dribbble on a daily basis and would like nothing more than to be a part of that amazing community.

    I have uploaded some shots to Flickr:
    ( if the @ in the URL should mess it up, then here’s an alternative link: )

    My portfolio:
    ( currently not being updated because I just started a new company with another designer and a developer, so we’re currently working on our new website )

    My dribbble (prospect):

    Following you on Twitter and posted the Tweet with a link to this post!

    Thanks for the opportunity! Fingers crossed :)

  42. Dribbble is such a great site for inspiration and feedback. I just got to be on dribbble because I deserve it ;-)
    Please have a look at my dribbble invite page

  43. Really really sorry for double posting, but I realized my bit-url was the wrong one :/
    So kinda felt a need to post the correct one. Here you go.

  44. I’ve been following dribbble as a community for a long time now. Becoming a member would be cool – I think I have a lot of valuable input at times and I think a lot of dribbblers could help me on my projects as well.

    After months and months of lurking, I’m ready to start contributing to the community! Here’s my portfolio:

    Have a good one!

  45. Dribbble is an amazing tool/community for designers to share, repair, refine, compare, inspire, perspire, envy, learn, grow and many other more great things. Since I have found Dribbble I have spent much time digging through shot and pages and have found TONS of inspiring pixels. I hope to be a contributor so I can share my creative and sometime random thoughts and labors of love.

    I strive for rich aesthetics and survive on robust concepts.

    Thanks, for the consideration.

    Dillon James Sherman


  46. I’ve been following some of my favorite designers on Dribbble as a spectator and I love it! I have been web designing for over 5 years and love every bit about it to pieces. I believe that Dribbble would be a great resource for me when it comes to finding inspirations and meeting fellow designers like myself.

    Feel free to check out my portfolio here:

    Best of luck with the contest. ;)

  47. Troy Brennan

    Simply put, Dribbble is beautiful and I continue to push myself just to be a part of it and take back the pollution of bad design in America.



  48. Hey, I gotta confess that I don’t have much experience as a designer. I was always a frontend and backend developer, but for ’bout a year now, I’m polishing my Photoshop skills. I developed websites for big international companies (like Honda and Skoda for example) learning a lot from designers participating in these projects, at the same time. Recently I really focus on Photoshop trying to redesign my portfolio and hoping that more design related work will come. I guess that a designer with years of experience and great projects in his portfolio can get an invite easily, so I’m gonna just post this here and hope that You’ll give one beginner a chance ;) . And seriously man, whats not to like about Dribbble? The idea is brilliant and the community is great! So I would really like to be a part of it.

    Portfolio: (really old design, in process of redesigning it)
    Dribbble prospect:

    Have a nice day and I wish the best luck to other contestants :) .

  49. Hi!
    I’m a web designer, I’m trying to improve my way to pixel perfection everyday. that’s basically why I wanna be on dribble, to get feedbacks from the tops. I work with PS basically and I’m trying to improve my designing skills on Icons and Illustrations.

    my portfolio: (there is a lot more in the works…)
    my forrst:

    Have a good one.

  50. Hello!

    I’m a Digital Designer from Sweden. Currently working at an add-agency.
    Check out my last years portfolio:

  51. Hey, I really want to get into dribble because I just started a freelance website with articles etc.. I’d post on dribble only the best of my works, especially websites shot and logos, that’s what I like to see on dribbble.

    Thanks and bye

  52. I want to be a part of dribbble users because the thirst for design in me will never be satisfied. And I wanted more & more :)

    My portfolio –
    My dribbble page –
    My dribble prospects –


  53. Hey Diego,

    I’m DYING for a dribbble invite because I love their community and the incredible level of quality maintained there. I also value feedback very much, and since I work at a non-profit (and solo freelance), I need a source for good constructive criticism for my work.

    My portfolio can be found at, but I also have a few new projects underway that haven’t made it up there yet!

    My dribbble page —

    Thanks so much Diego!

  54. Hey, man, congrats on the new site! Looks awesome! I’m a prospect over on dribble and would love an in! Here’s my info!

    Twitter: @TheSkinnyD
    dribble prospect:

  55. Hello,

    Here is my portfolio:

    Would love a dribbble invite, Thank you for doing this,


  56. Pol

    Que tal Diego, muy buena tu propuesta.

    Básicamente quiero usar dribbble para dejar de ser un usuario pasivo de esta increíble web, poder comenzar a compartir e inspirar seria muy emocionante! Además he notado que hay muy poca participación de hispanos.

    Dejo un link a mi Behance que si bien aún no está completo, podrás ver una aproximación de mi estilo!

    ( particularmente este proyecto ha tenido bastante repercusion en tumblr y algunos blogs de diseño )

    Abrazo y saludos de Uruguay!!


  57. Hey Diego,
    Your work is really nice. Thanks for the opportunity to “earn” a dribbble invite. I would really love the chance to have a dribbble account in order to get my work out there and seen by some of my favorite artists and designers who I already follow. Twitter and behance and other networking interfaces have already helped me connect with some great designers, and have even turned into some cool collaborations, but I know dribbble would take it to the next level! Please check out my work, i have a range of design and illustration, everything from hand printed gig posters to identity for campus events at Central Michigan University. Thanks so much!

    Check out my stuff here >>>

  58. Hey :)
    My Name is Julius and i would love to get on dribbble to be a part of the community and to get in contact with other designers.
    recent works can be seen here:

    Greetings, Julius


    That’s my twitter. I’m graphics designer and web designer. I do neat css and javascript tricks and twitter would really help me launch my freelance designing. Thanks a bunch!

  60. Hey,

    pues honestamente he explicado muchas veces el porqué quiero una cuenta Dribbble. Y la respuesta es bastante simple y común: Quiero formar parte de esa comunidad, tener un grupo adicional que me ayude con ideas, feedback y sugerencias y obviamente poder ganar más gente para marquetear mis productos y diseños.

    No sabes cuánto te lo agradecería. Sé que la decisión va a ser difícil, especialmente por que muchísimas personas van a comentar en esta página para conseguir su propia cuenta de Dribble.

    De todas formas, sabes dónde encontrarme: y . Y claro, mi página es

    Gracias y suerte!

  61. Hi,

    Would love a dribbble invite, Thank you for doing this,

  62. hello !

    ♫♫♫♫ I wanna be a part of it … Dribbbbbblllllle ! dribbbbblllllleeeeeeeeeeeee !!! ♫♫♫♫

    Seriously, it could be interesting to share and have some feedback about my current works.
    I would be proud of being a member of this circle that i check every morning ! (sorry for my bad english)

    Thanks man !
    see you on twitter !


  63. Hi!

    I’m UX designer and I’d love to share some portions of my work to get a community feedback!
    All the best

  64. Andrey

    I develop game graphics and I really want to be a part of Dribble :)
    You can look some my current iOS game screens here:

    Dribbble prospect:

    Thanks! :)

  65. I would like to work together with best designers, so dribbble is a place, when they come with same targets.

    My portfolio at

    Twitter: @exevil


  66. Hey Diego, I’m Jessica, a web and interface designer and passionate lurker of Dribbble. To me, the most appealing thing about Dribbble is that it’s a community centered around feedback and inspiration. As a designer with only a few years under my belt, I’m constantly trying to improve my work and learn from the best!

    Because I work in a small town in Virginia, I don’t have the benefit of a physical design community and I have to rely on the internets for much of my feedback and learning. I could definitely use the resources and community that Dribbble has to offer!

    You can check out some of my work on my Behance portfolio, particularly the Mizuno website:
    My Dribbble account:

    Thanks for holding this contest and congrats on the launch of your website!

  67. Portfolio is still in the works:

    I’m spending lots of time on every day, liking the best designers works, but sometimes I’d like to give qualitative feedback, which I’m not able as a spectator, and of course I’d love to get feedback on my shots from great designers.

    BTW. Love your knobs, I did an attempt on, but I had to keep the light effects simple on the dark parts since it is a .png turing around it’s center with javascript.

  68. Hello, Diego. My name is Igor.

    Some of my latest works you can see at:

    My dribble prospects page:

    I try to help others to get dribbble invites at my website http://www.400×
    I want to be a part of dribbble community.

  69. Hey man! Congrats on the new website.
    I’m Alejandro, an 18 y/o student who sadly only lurks around websites like FFFFOUND! and Dribbble due to the lack of invites. Most of the people I know are not interested or just that into design, which is why I have to rely on websites to get proper feedback. I’ve been part of other communities but this one is definitely a step-up, which will also urge me to make better art. Help me out?

    My portfolio:

  70. Hi Diego !

    Thanks for your twit !

    I’m a french UX designer. The most important thing about Dribbble is that it’s a community centered around feedback and inspiration. As a designer, I’m constantly trying to improve my work and learn from the best!
    I’m 9 years of experience but it’s always important to have feedback and critics. A designer can only advance by taking a step back from his work and the opinions of his peers are still very interesting.

    cheers :)

    Behance :


  71. I’m Adit. View my portfolio on my blog my deviantART my lovedsgn I’m crazy with icons, button, and website stuffs. I’m begging for a dribbble invitation because I saw so many holly stuffs by the master of design there.. and I’d like to give comments and submitting my stuffs so we (and expecially me, could learn together) shares better design and spread the love! thanks.
    type “weirdeetz” on google to find me

  72. Congrats on the launch the website is looking great :) Right down to business…

    I’ve been looking for a dribbble invite for some time now and haven’t found anyone who is offering any. I’d love to be able to post my work, get feedback and give feedback to others. I’d also like others to see my work to get known within the designing industry. I’m currently on all other design websites but would love to be part of the amazing dribbble :)

    You can see some/most of my work on forrst ( I’ll be happy to link you to all sites I’m on but all my work/design can be found on forrst.

    Also check out as some of my designs/coding are on there. I’ve also tweeted you liked stated in the post and would admire your for many years if you gave me a invite :)

    Thanks for anything.

  73. TIm

    Hi. Congrats with your new website, hope you will always have so many comments as today :D

    I would like to get dribbble in order to be more motivated to create more personal work and receive professional feedback on it.

    Some of my works:

  74. Hi
    I’d love to be a part of dribbble, I’d love to be the 3rd ‘b’. You see, that third ‘b’ is the underdog, the loner, the outsider, desperately trying to fit in and feel nurtured and loved in the bosom of the other letters. Although he feels like he’s nearly there, like he’s already made it into dribbble, he still feels like the others belong more than him, like they were there to begin with, before him, but that’s ok because now we all know that dribbble cannot be dribbble without the third ‘b’, and hopefully, dribbble cannot be dribbble without me! And they all sang and rejoiced and shot hoops till the sun went down…phew! Well done if you’ve got this far through my rambling! Time to see my portfolio at or my company website at or my web app


  75. Wow, been hoping for a dribbble invite for quite some time.
    Im gonna keep it short and sweet!
    I’m a young designer and i have a lot to learn and being a part of dribbble means i get the best possible critiques in the world all in one place!
    I can share what i’ve learnt over the years and other designers can share with me. It’s a great community to be part of!

    My website is currently in development but i do have a forrst page

    Thanks! I hope i get it :D

  76. First of all thank you very much for mentioning me on twitter and telling me about this great opportunity. Dribble has absolutely awesome talents and great works are presented in dribble, just to be a part of the community over there makes me really happy and If I can showcase my works and get awesome advise on that will really increase my skills. I hope I get the opportunity to be part of this awesome community.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sagar S. Ranpise

  77. Congratulations on the new site Diego, and what a way to launch!

    I’m also currently updating my own portfolio site:, so here’s a link to my Graphicriver portfolio:

    I’d love to be on the dribbble bus to help aid me in the endless, impossible & joyous pursuit of design perfection.


  78. Awesome contest!! I would love the ability to showcase my work in an arena like dribble, not just because its BA, but because I think I could use the insight from other professionals who have work that makes me drool. You can peep my portfolio @ or you can see some work on Flickr @


  79. Hey, congrats on launching the new site, it looks good.
    I would love to be part of the Dribbble community because I want more people to see my work and I want to improve as a designer and I’m sure Dribbble will help me do that.

    Portfolio –
    Dribbble –

  80. I’m not gon’ be bitchin’ and whinin’, convincing You to invite me :)
    But there are others just like this – so I’m writing this poem.
    If I’m getting invited – it’s my ticket back home,
    Cause the home’s where the (he)ART is – mine’s at dribble dot com!


    P.S. Thanks for the opportunity, Diego.

  81. Fountainwire

    Hello! Thanks for the opportunity to get on dribbble. My portfolio is my website link. As a graphic designer I find the thought of dribbble peers to be invaluable. Currently I work from home and remotely, so dribbble would let me connect more fully with people I can’t normally meet. My style is somewhat unique, and my websites incorporate technical as well as strong design / usability considerations. Best of luck picking a winner and thank you!!

  82. Enes Ateş

    Hello Diego!
    i just uploaded six shots to the Flickr Dribbble Drills group page.

    Can you please review shots ?

    You can invite me dribbble :)

    Thanks for the opportunity, Diego

  83. 100 entries!!! I have seen amazing stuff . Two more days .

  84. Hey Diego, looking good.
    All the best.
    Stefan Chinov

  85. I’d greatly appreciate the invite! I’ll be an involved member and could really use some feedback from other great designers.

    My Work:

    Other Recent Projects of Note: (designed & developed this site along with the logo & app) (wp theme I’m working on)

    This is my blog –> , where I’m already sharing shots freqeuntly. So rest assured, I’ll put the invite to good use!


    Thanks for the opportunity!

  86. Kévin M.

    Hello Mr Monzon,

    One day remaining, better late than never..
    Thanks for this opportunity.

    This is the best way to get feedbacks from high talented webdesigners, this simply why I would like to be a part of Dribbble community.

    I unfortunalety have no time to create my portfolio for the moment, however you can find three shots at these url:

    My dribbble profile:

    Thanks in advance,

  87. Hey Diego!

    Thanks for giving away those invites!

    I’m allready a member of forrst and I really like the opportunity to discuss design with so many different people. There is always something to improve and work on and getting feedback from other designers can help a lot.
    But dribbble is of course very different from forrst; it’s specialized on design and the restriction in size when posting work leads to feedback that’s more focussed on details.

    So, here is my portfolio: and redesign that I’m currently working on:

    Thanks and have a nice weekend! (And lots of fun deciding who gets those invites, I’m sure that’ll be some work…)

  88. Hi,

    I’ve been doing website design for about 7 years now, and have always looked to the Internet for new and unique design ideas. I would love to give back to the citizens of the Internet, not to mention all the new things I could learn from the dribbble community.

    My Website Design Portfolio:
    My Twitter:


  89. Hi Diego,

    I’m a 26 year old Animator, Illustrator and crazy from Bogotá, Colombia, and I can’t wait to design more apps!

    Here’s some work:


  90. Hi,

    Greetings of the day.

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  91. Hey Diego!
    Thanks for giving away those invites!

    Congrats to launching new site.

    So, here is my portfolio:

    Thanks and have a nice day! (And lots of fun deciding who gets those invites, I’m sure that’ll be some work…)

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