Dribbble Invite Giveaway January 2012

Dribbble Invite Giveaway January 2012

Once again here is a Dribble Invite Giveaway, this time to celebrate the New Year 2012 and my new website design thanks to an awesome theme by Orman Clark, a lot of customization and hard work.


Dribbble Invite Giveaway January 2012

Now your chances of becoming a member of the greatest design community in the world have TRIPLED  QUADRUPLED !!!

Courtesy of @cazoobi@meisso_jarno and @PixelCloth there are now FOUR   Dribbble invites up for grabs!

This is your best shot at becoming part of the greatest community of creatives in the world!


To participate you need to :

  1. Make a comment on this post saying why you want to be a part of dribbble. Include a link to one 400 x 300 px shot to show what you would be posting on dribbble.
  2. Send a Tweet that says “ Check out the dribbble invite giveaway http://wp.me/p1rARt-vW from @userdiegomonzon.“
  3. Follow me on Twitter because that’s where I’ll announce the 1st winner.
  4. Follow @meisso_jarno on Twitter because that’s where he’ll announce the 2nd winner.
  5. Follow @PixelCloth on Twitter because that’s where he’ll announce the 3rd winner.
  6. Follow @cazoobi on Twitter because that’s where he’ll announce the 4th winner.

Our choices will be announced on February 2, 2012.

Links to websites or portfolios are appreciated, but our choices will be made based on your 400 x 300 px shot.

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Many thanks for your comments.

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  1. mamjed

    I would love to be apart of the dribbble community because its a great source of inspiration. As a designer and a human, I believe that the moment we stop learning, we are as good as dead, and dribbble is not just a place for pretty pixels, but an amazing learning tool. I would love to leave responses on the posts from fellow designers, and receive valuable feedback from the community!

    My Dribble Shot!

  2. Jon

    I would like to be part of dribble to learn, improve and help others in the design community. I have been following the site ever since it was created, but haven’t been able to get an invite because I don’t know anyone personally…

    My shot, from a set I am working on:

  3. Hi, thank you for this opportunity! I want to be on dribbble to post my work or wip to get help, tips and inspiration. I also like to give constructive criticism to others to help them improve their work. About me: I’m Max form Germany, 18yrs. old and still learning. The shot is an illustration of an Apple Mac Pro:

  4. I’ve waiting for a dribbble invitation for a long time. Thank you for providing this opportunity. I’m raiya from China, 20 years old. I am always trying to describe visual design with my emotion and understanding.

    One of my work:

  5. Pato8

    Hello, I’d like to join dribbble because I think it’s perfect idea to create a “twitter for designers” like admins called it themselves. I enjoy designig websites and print design, sometimes even logo design, but I must admit that I have much to improve. I think I could reach that by being on dribbble and accepting constructive criticism. I hope I could get this at dribbble.

    Here’s a shot I would like to post to dribbble. It is entirely my work, it was a bit hard to make those lines look like they were drawn by chalk.


  6. GromyCreative

    I’d like to join dribbble because it’s a good place to see the drafts of designers and post my own work.
    I’m there as a prospect and I really like the atmosphere of highest quality.
    Would you like to see my dribbble account? Here it is: http://dribbble.com/gromycreative

    And my shot:

    It is a bit distorted and pixeld, really it’s much bigger and the pixeling is from the picture host service.

  7. makepanic

    Hey thanks for the opportunity you’re offering us.
    I’d love to be on dribbble, because I think it’s a awesome community to get inspiration and feedback.
    I’m from Germany and love to do experiments with CSS, because of its responsiveness and being compatible with all kinds of displays.

    A thing i learned on dribbble is to get a idea, of how something works, but do not copy paste other work and change some details.

    Here are my 2 last projects i’m working on.
    http://i.imgur.com/TyTRf.png – a css button theme freebie, for christmas
    http://i.imgur.com/9kfrS.png – a canteen comments page

    i already own a prospect account http://dribbble.com/makepanic

  8. Keith

    I’d like to join the Dribbble community so I can receive feedback from fellow designers and creatives as well as being able to engage in a great design community. I think Dribbble is a great place to go to be inspired and by some of the best creative minds working today, and would love to be apart of that.

    Here is an example of a shot: http://i1191.photobucket.com/albums/z461/keithjer/Web-Ready-BS.jpg

  9. Hello Diego,
    thank you for this opportunity,

    I would like to join Dribble.
    As a professional designer, I find Dribble nice for discovering top notch designs and share constructive opinions upon them. To stay in touch with tendencies, learn with fellow designers, send and receive feedback to keep improving the knowledge, to make connections and collaborate on projects.

    My basket-ball, stylus and air jordans are on, ready to dribble ! :)

    A screenshot of a recent project :


  10. I’m a student “devine” in Belgium, learning both development and design.
    for the past 8 years i have been collecting inspiration into my huge evernote gallery (mostly off dribbble) while slowly realizing design is my passion.

    It would be a keystone for me to be drafted, posting my own designs, being a part of the community, getting in touch with more people and most importantly: finding a mentor.

    I have never really gotten the chance to get an invite through close relations
    and even though better artwork will probably pop up here, i would be a dedicated, improving and daily active member.

    posting 4 of my best shots and below a viewing link of project

    1 – creative filmfestival flashsite

    2 – hud interface

    3 – picnic webapp (ongoing, no full site yet)

    4 – rockveggiez website

    Cheers and hoping for the best!

    Dries (tamazcalo)

  11. I’d like to get drafted on dribbble because it’s a great place for professional feedback from designers all over the world, a great source of HIGH QUALITY inspiration and the best place to build on your skills.

    here’s my 400×300:

    and my prospect account:

  12. Mikael Johansson

    There are many reasons why I would like to be on Dribbble, but the biggest reason is that I hope, someday, someone will find my work on Dribbble and hire me. Heck, maybe it will be a big company like Apple and Microsoft!

    I’m only sixteen, but you gotta dream big!

    (I’m going to cheat and post more than one shot, sorry!)






    Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. I wish I had an account at dribbble because I love design and I know in this place there is too much more inspiration than it seems. The design and art are the lifeblood that runs through my veins and all I see all around me have some kind of design.
    Please send to me and invitation. God Bless you!


  14. I’d like to join Dribbble in order to refine my skills as a graphic designer. I’m following a few people now and am really inspired by their work! Hopefully with some dedication, effort, and constructive feedback from such a community I can begin a journey where I can inspire others too.


  15. Greetings

    I would like to join dribbble because I’m itching to do more on dribbble than just ‘like’ people’s posts. I have a lot I want to share with the dribbble community, in that I have a lot of work I’d like to receive meaningful feedback on, and I’d like to contribute just as meaningful feedback to others.

    Here’s my shot:


  16. Hey there! I feel I need to get some pro feedback on my work and not just my close friends’ feedback saying “it looks cool” – because mostly it sucks :) So an invite is definitely a good opportunity for my improvement.

    My best take right now is an illustration I recently did while having thoughts about gym memberships (it really is complicated) – http://kankan.co.il/my-dribbble-shot.png

    (I usually do web & UI design, you’re welcome to peek at my existing work on my portfolio http://kankan.co.il, though it’s in Hebrew)

  17. I’d like to join dribbble because I’m one of the best :) . I have been working as a designer only for 1+ year and I have been working with some of the best companies and people. Techcrunch has written about me and a lot of people talk about me on twitter. Until now I haven’t found someone to give me an invite for dribbble. I believe it’s very important for a designer to share their work with other designers.

    My Shot: http://cl.ly/1f0p143w1H451R1m2N01
    My dribbble account: http://dribbble.com/Maria_Nas
    My portofolio is under construction but you can see my style (the funny part) :) http://www.panicnot.com/

  18. Shot: http://cl.ly/D0bH
    Prospect Account: http://dribbble.com/untraceablez

    I’d love to have an invite because I feel I’ve reached the point in my design skills where I feel confident in my work, but I still would love better advice than I can get on sites such as deviantART or forums, and I would also love to be able to help other designers realize their designs as well, the Dribble community seems so fantastic and I would love to be a part of that. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity Diego!

  19. Hi, Diego
    I’d be glad to have an invite from for couple of reasons. First of all, I have a prospect account on dribbble: http://dribbble.com/Als (you can see you’re in my favorites)). And actually, I’m professional UI designer with about 6 years experience in this field and 12 years in graphic design at common (plz, see my linkedIn profile http://goo.gl/mnyRL). You can see some of my works at my portfolio: http://goo.gl/YTBGL. And if we’re talk about some shot for dribbble , it probably could be the ECI Splash screen..

    Thanks for opportunity anyway!

    Anatoly S.

  20. Hello There,
    my name is dhiren adesara and i am 18 years old web designer.
    and i created red concept wallpaper for giveaway :)
    i am actively searching for a Dribbble invite.

    Links :
    1 400×300:

    2 wallpaper :

  21. Hallo!
    I would like to be on Dribbble to have the opportunity to exchange opinions about my works together with great designers to improve my skills and grow with my taste, but also to be useful with mine (even if i’m not great… :) )

    This is my “dribbble style” shot: http://www.hotdevice.net/images/Latroupe_Dribbble.jpg

    Thank you very much for the chance!

  22. I’d like to be part of dribble community … greetings from lithuania :]

    here’s my 400×300:

    my prospect account:

  23. Hey I really would love to become a part of Dribbble.
    Im 21 years old, from Denmark studying multimediedesigner, most of my projects is made in 3D.

    I’m currently redesigning my portfolio so heres my deviantART: http://donnadesign.deviantart.com/

    Hope you choose me.


  24. Awesome shots already !!!

    Please post 400×300 px shots , not entire portfolios.


  25. Chintan Parikh

    I’d love an invite because I think I’ve finally reached a point in my design skills where I need to step up, and dribbble gives me a chance to do that. I use it for inspiration, and I’d love to contribute to the community.

    Shot: http://i.minus.com/iCmiTpuCi38Mv.png

  26. Hola Diego, I would love to be on dribble because sometimes a new perspective is needed when you are working on something, and there isn’t a place out there where you can get comments from top designers other than dribble ;-)


    Gracias por la oportunidad!

  27. Hey there!

    I would love to join the Dribbble community as a player so that I can get to know other designers and most importantly improve my skills and techniques by getting constructive feedback from said designers.

    Here’s my website where you’ll find my portfolio that showcases my work and my blog that highlights the projects I’m currently working on: http://designbyash.com/

    You can find an example shot here on my website, along with some helpful pie charts for your consideration: http://designbyash.com/dribbble-draft.php

    - Ash

  28. Hey Diego – I would love the opportunity to be a part of the dribbble community – here are some shots: http://bit.ly/wAOEPX


  29. Keith Sereby

    Greetings, Diego! Thank you very much for the opportunity to become a part of the Dribbble community. I believe that the global design community is a dynamic collection of talent and unique insights wherein one can inspire and be inspired. I have been in the position of being a mentor to many other designers during my career, and I would love the opportunity to share my work, receive feedback from my peers and also provide any inspiration or encouragement wherever I can.

    Here’s my shot: http://sereby.me/lighted_rocker_switch.jpg

  30. Coming from the print design and web design field I just recently started focusing on UI/UX design and following some great designers on dribbble was an awesome source of inspiration and taught me so much. I feel I learned more in the last couple of month than I did in the last 3 years.

    I would like to become part of the dribbble community to keep on learning and hopefully to also give back to others.

    My dribbble shot: http://spongeworks.com/dribbble/dribbble-shot.jpg

    My prospect account: http://dribbble.com/ankemac

  31. Hi,

    I’d love to win a dribble Invite! I’ll be uploading my designs for website, logos, illustrations, etc.

    I appreciate the opportunity to be involved in the contest and hope I get the nod to be part of the community.
    Muhammad Bilal

  32. Diego,
    Great work – I would comment on Dribbble, but I dont think I can until I am a player.

    Stay inspirational ;)


  33. James Dimarco

    Thanks for giving us this opportunity to join Dribble! The reason I want to join is to not only share my work with others to then give and receive feedback, but to just be part of a community which has many talented designers all over the world!

    Proposed shot: http://bit.ly/wsBAjp

  34. Hello,

    I love Dribbble for inspiration and design curation, especially for UI. I’m currently a UI designer doing mobile games. Because the art team is small, this means I often do UI, UX, concept work, and illustration. While there is a lot of great work already on Dribbble, a lot of it can seem repetitive: “here are my icons on a dark grey background;” “these are the buttons I made; they are green and pink, on charcoal;” etc. Don’t get me wrong, most of this work is incredible. But I do think it would be interesting to have a broader range of work and styles. As a jack-of-all-trades of sorts, I think I can bring another perspective.

    Also, working in the games industry (and in tech more generally) I often feel isolated from the design community. When I first moved to SF, I tried being involved with AIGA, but found it lacking. These more established associations haven’t yet caught up to where design and technology are or where they are going. Being part of Silicon valley, you get caught up in the rush of creating, and I would love to share my creations with people other than the programmer geeks (whom I love) I work with. :)

    Here are a few example shots:

  35. Joining a community that has the most inspirational designers in the world and actively being part of is reason enough for me. I want to inspire.

    Here’s the shot: http://peterfitzearl.com/timetable.png

  36. Brad James

    I find that Dribbble is the greatest source of inspiration for designers today. I personally find it great when I need to push my work to that next level. I’d love to become part of the Dribbble community, not only to gain feedback on my work from respected designers but also to offer my own design advice that I’ve learnt over my 10 years experience. My Dribbble shot is a snippet of my portfolio site which i’m currently designing. I’d love to be able to include a link to my Dribbble profile on the site!

    Here’s My Shot:

    My Dribbble Prospect Page:

  37. Gershom Charig

    Hi! These are two shots of the same subject: a promotional sticker for my webcomic (in pixel art!).


    I hope you like it!

    This is my twitter nickname: @pipes_lee
    And this is my dribbble url: http://dribbble.com/pipes_lee

    Thank you for this great opportunity!

  38. I work as a art director interactive, and love the creative exchange between professional designers and the unlimited possibility of inspiration in Dribbble

    Dribbble Prospect Page: http://dribbble.com/duminda

    My Shot: http://i39.tinypic.com/2nqxj52.jpg

  39. Matt Webb

    I have been wanting to be apart of Dribbble for a long time now. I love that’s its a community of high quality professionals in the creative field where we can all use our knowledge to help other further their projects.


    Dribbble Prospect:

  40. I have been a designer for a while, but I have started to really care about every single pixel. I often use pixel tools to edit individual pixels because they all matter. I use Dribbble all the time for inspiration, and I would really like to get feedback from the wonderful community. I am just getting started, and I have some very exciting creations that I am currently working on, along with neat projects. I am not perfect, and that is why I want feedback from the amazing Dribbble community. My (unfinished) portfolio is here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/436205/mydesignforpage/mydesignforpage.html
    A 400×300 image is here:
    Here is the full image:

  41. Hi I following the dribbble community by about an year, and I hope to get an invitation to enter so I can show to dribbble public my skills.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

    This is my shot: http://d.pr/Zhtu
    This is my Twitter account: Splact
    This is my Dribbble account: Splact
    This is my Dribbble dedicated page: http://dribbble.splact.com
    This is my portfolio: http://www.splact.com

    What other?
    Finger crossing…

  42. laurie guetat


    I’m a french UX/UI designer and I’m looking for eye-opening, inspirational, and ass-kicking feedback.
    I’d love to join the Dribbble community !

    Here’s my shot, it’s a design for a current webapp project : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8995855/icroissants_20120113.png

    Twitter : http://twitter.com/laury888

    Dribbble Prospect:

  43. Hi,

    I am Peter Tait, a 19 year old graphic design student, who has worked for Electronic Ink (http://www.electronicink.com/) as a designer before taking up my degree. I also work freelance and below are 2 shots from a recent project:



  44. linktoheaven

    Me A.K.A Linktoheaven is internet freak that love arts… love creating movie, music and also the graphic design. first time see web design panji feels like finding his new girlfriend and until now he is always finding how to give pleasure in web design.
    Panji Tianda now working as senior web designer at rumahku.com with all his best friend panji will create magic at design.
    In indonesian Dribbble is unfamiliar but i hope i can be the first and spread the Shot Fever :D
    Here my facebook page in there you will see my portfolio… not all best but i hope you like it :D
    My Twitter L @linktoheaven
    My dribble : http://dribbble.com/linktoheaven

  45. Been sitting on the Dribbble sidelines for the past year or so. I am itching….no I am desperate to shoot some hoops.
    I am a designer based in Canada and I really like to design cool interfaces. You can check out my work on designyantra.com or tumblr.designyantra.com
    Dribbble is a place where I have learnt a ton from. Now I really want to be a part of it contributing and sharing.
    An invitation will be like a huge lottery win.
    Thanks in advance for your consideration.

    Link to my shot: http://bit.ly/Awwaib


  46. Hello,

    Thank you for providing the opportunity for other designers to join the highly popular community of Dribbble, and having the chance to gain constructive feedback.

    I’m currently a freelance designer based in New York City, and a student at the competitive New York art school Parsons The New School for Design. I’ve featured some work on my portfolio (only a few pieces because my portfolio is extensive), and I would like to join Dribbble to help improve my skills as the work showcased on Dribbble is competitive just as in the environment I’m use to already.

    As a wise professor once said, “you only as good as the people, and the world around you..” and I believe is true, and I wish to join the Dribbble community to improve my skill, provide constructive feedback as I do already on sites like Quora, and hope I can get a chance to do so.

    Once again, thank you for the opportunity to earn my entrance into the Dribbble invite with this healthy giveaway.

    As requested, I’ve selected one 400×300 snap shot of my work, which is one of my pieces I wish to include on my Dribbble stream if I gain an invite to the community.

    – Here is my snap shot (400 x 300): http://cl.ly/DPDp

    – I currently have a Dribbble prospect account with over 250+ followers:

    Thank you for the opportunity, and good luck everyone!

    – Angel Ceballos

  47. Hi!

    I would like you to think all that it cost you to be ‘player’, well, not much time is behind it, I took 2 years, and it is proving impossible, I have been ready to give up hundreds of times, but the craving to enter the best graphics currently existing portfolio gives me wings to keep trying, I think being a designer in Spain and not have a guild of creative behind the work becomes more complicated.
    Here’s my shot:


    It is part of a wallpaper that is proving quite existed for the message it carries …
    And my twitter is @ account dani_cabello
    The only part I can say … Thanks for the opportunity !!!!!

    Hugs and I hope your answer
    PS: Sorry for my English:)

  48. Reasons why I should get the Dribbble invite.

    1. Because I am passionate about design.
    2. Because it will make me a better designer.
    3. Because it is my new years resolution.

    Dribble Account


    Type of things I will post on Dribbble


  49. Because I belong there. (sorry, I like it simple)

    4oo x 3oo shot ++ http://cl.ly/391f442c390H083E1C1F


  50. Akshay K

    The Doc says if I don’t get a dribble account soon I will Pixelate :P

    My Shot : http://morningchai.in/x/

    btw : cant wait for the Blue Ice User Interface ..

  51. My Dribbble Prospect: http://dribbble.com/Colorlab

    Check the folder with my shots for the dribbble : http://minus.com/m27w2yEOC#1

  52. Hi,

    I’d love to win a dribble Invite! I’ll be uploading my designs for website, logos, illustrations, etc.


    @dribbble: http://dribbble.com/graftek
    @twitter: https://twitter.com/grafictakniques

    I appreciate the opportunity to be involved in the contest and hope I get the nod to be part of the community.
    Muhammad Bilal

  53. I’d like to get drafted on dribbble because it’s a great place for get inspired and the best place to build on skills!

    here’s my 400×300:

    and my prospect account:

  54. I’m the cofounder of a startup that brings artists and designers into the hardware world through a visual microcontroller programming environment. I’ve been working hard on designing this app for the last 2 years and I’m ready to start showing it (UI, icons, illustrations, photographs, etc.) off and getting feedback on the designs

    Here’s a shot: http://imgur.com/4BbUQ
    Prospect Acct: http://dribbble.com/Nilloc

  55. I’ve been a prospect on Dribbble for a long time, still an active user and loving visiting daily. It would be awesome to become a full member and be part of the creative community. I’m constantly learning and progressing as a designer, and the feedback between creatives on Dribbble would be invaluable

    Dribbble shot: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12846762/Untitled-1.jpg

    Here’s my website: http://www.mikedowdle.co.uk/
    Dribbble Account: http://dribbble.com/Mikedowdle

  56. I’d like to be on dribbble to share my work with other like-minded designers. It seems a great community for sharing ideas and advice with others.

    my twitter id is : abercromby

    and my dribbble acount is : http://dribbble.com/abercromby

    My dribbble shot – http://abercromby.eu/dribbble-shot.jpg

    It is a logo concept for a local business which i’m working on at the moment. The logo is a full vector graphic. I would be posting items similar to this and a mixture of web concepts also.


  57. Steve Grenier

    I’ve been a member of Dribbble for years, never been drafted. I make a lot of user interfaces and modern web sites. I think I’d make a great addition to the Dribbble community, both as an author and fellow designer. Dribbble is a fantastic resource for designers and it would be an honour to be part of it.

    Without further adieu, here is my submission, a few shots from a weather app I designed called WeatherSnitch.


  58. Dribbble – a place where professionals gather that, without exaggeration, will appreciate your work and say that it not. Because of this criticism can raise its level of professionalism. I apologize for my terrible English (:

    PROSPECT: http://dribbble.com/RMFAO

  59. @userdiegomonzon I’m really passionate to join this great community of professional artists to have their opinion’s and criticisms on my shots. I appreciate that If you Invite me there, I started designing UI for BBS network by drawing color ANSII’s in 90s and I’d like to continue this field of design…

    here’s the link of my UI design : http://arashizadyar.com/UI/microwave2_Big-view6.jpg

    Thank you Very much.
    Arash Izadyar

  60. Hey all, Im a busy freelance graphic designer hoping to get onto dribbble. I work on a lot of branding, marketing and illustrated print materials.




  61. Hi there. I’m a web designer that just started a company with three other creatives. I’ve been in the industry for almost 10 years and teach at an art college.

    twitter: @chelseycain

    dribbble: http://dribbble.com/chelseycain

    shot: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B1kI0IrN4igmMDZlYjJiNmYtMDU2NC00Y2M0LTliNDYtNjU3ZDNlZWQ2NTlm


  62. Hey,

    I’d love a dribbble invite because I think it would help me improve my skills and it would also allow me to grow as an overall designer. Below are the types of files I would be publish on dribbble.


  63. Me A.K.A Linktoheaven is internet freak that love arts… love creating movie, music and also the graphic design. first time see web design panji feels like finding his new girlfriend and until now he is always finding how to give pleasure in web design.
    Panji Tianda now working as senior web designer at rumahku.com with all his best friend panji will create magic at design.
    In indonesian Dribbble is unfamiliar but i hope i can be the first and spread the Shot Fever :D
    Here my facebook page in there you will see my portfolio… not all best but i hope you like it :D
    i’m sorry for the 400x300px… what i can do is give you my best :D
    My Twitter L @linktoheaven

  64. Shin

    Hello, Dmonzon,

    Big thanks for this opportunity.
    The only reason for me to join dribbble is that I really want to know about other designers’ thought. No matter how they works, or his computer skill. I’m
    full of curiosity about their working process, their culture behind, or their strange point sometimes.

    I appreciate dribble gathering lots of good designers from different places and different area. Just let’s talk freely about design or something related there, with our design.

    I’m a graphic designer.

    (BTW, Happy Spring Festival.)

    400*300: http://i.minus.com/jfeRRSgIlfVD.jpg

    App (I work for) http://itunes.apple.com/cn/app//id490065193?mt=8

    Prospect: http://dribbble.com/shintsao

  65. Rock

    I am a Designer and this is what i do. Dribble is where i want to be.


    Thanks for doing this and to Pixelcloth and Meisso Jarno to add to the invites.

  66. Hi, I am Rohit Mehta. I am a UX Designer. I love Visual Design & Interaction Design. I want to be a part of Dribbble because I believe we live in an open culture where we improve and grow by Sharing. I would like to share my work with fellow designers, get inspired and in return help the design community grow.
    Here is a shot of What I would publish on Dribbble – http://rohitmehta.me/uploads/coffee_club-400300.png

    Here is a link to my portfolio –
    My Linkedin Profile –

    Hoping to get e positive response.

  67. Hello,

    Thanks for the challenge!
    I would like to get into Dribbble because it is a big community for creative people like me, and i would love to share my knowledge, tips, tricks, critiques, patterns, freebies maybe, and also get back these things as well! :)

    Here is a shot i would love to post on Dribbble:

    More shots on:

  68. Hi, I’m Dick de Leeuw, a student and web developer from The Netherlands. My would be Dribbble shot is http://d.pr/fLx.

    My portfolio page is http://www.leeuwmedia.nl.

    Thanks for the change to get an invite!

  69. Joy

    I would like very much to become a part of the Dribbble community so that I can have a shot of making it as a freelance Graphic Designer by getting my work some exposure.

    A small example of some of my work…

    Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity!

  70. Hey! Desperately want an invite, thanks for the give-away!

    My shot is a pure CSS snes controller: http://garybrooks.me/dribbble.png

    Other stuff: http://garybrooks.me

  71. Sven

    I’m studying interaction design in Germany and love creating sweet and detailled interfaces and UI elements as well as icons. Besides, I love drumming to alternative and jazz, taking photos of interesting people in the street or just taking a walk in the fresh air (I live in a pretty small city :D ).

    Here’s my shot, just a tiny icon set I created for an ebook reader app we are currently designing. Hope you like it:
    I’d especially like to know what you and others think of the monocle as a reading mode icon.

    Thanks for giving this great opportunity to everyone (and sorry for my english mistakes).
    Best regards

  72. Hi I’d like to join dribble as a way to gain feedback from an unbiased community, so that I can gain an outside perspective on my ideas and do I can grow as a designer.

    I’ve no formal training and so am working from the ground up teaching myself.

    The feedback from the dribble community would be invaluable.

    Here is my shot….

  73. baranmod

    Well, I would like to become a part of dribbble’s community because there are lots of experienced designer who can help you with your projects or give you good feedbacks :)

    I think it would also help me to become more popular in designs sphere..

    My example’s shot:

  74. dschiffner

    I would love to become a part of the dribbble community because I feel like it is the best resource to help hone your craft, receive constructive criticism and gain inspiration.

    I love screen printing (I’ve been working as one for the past 4-1/2 years) typography, photography, web design (wordpress themes) as well as UI design.

    I feel that I would be a great fit into the community.

    Here is my dribbble shot, a recent personal shirt design:

  75. It would be amazing to get a dribbble invite, purely because it’s such an awesome place to inspire and be inspired. I think I would really fit in as I have an absolute passion for beautiful form. I specialise in web and UI design.

    Oh, and I sometimes dribble when I concentrate, so it’s a match made in heaven.

    My dribbble shot would be my pure CSS snes controller: http://garybrooks.me/dribbble.png


    My dribbble account is:

  76. I’m an illustrator, animator and game designer from the Netherlands. I make vector illustrations, Flash animations and Flash games.

    I would really like to join Dribbble because I’m a big fan of the website for a while now and would really like to post my own projects. I also think Dribbble could use some more game designers :)

    Here is an example of an illustration I made for a big multiplayer website with chess games (Chessity.com): http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/1323/chesspaard.jpg

    Twitter: @NancyZonneveld

  77. Hi all! First of all, thank you very much for giving us Diego this great opportunity to all who want to be part of Dribbble!

    Some time ago to be part of this great network!!!, because it allows me to get in touch with people very talented and passionate about illustration and design as a tool!

    Here is my shot! http://www.donhkoland.com/dribbble/
    & Here is my portfolio! http://www.donhkoland.com/

    (Sorry for my english)

  78. Great contest. Below is my dribble shot.

    My Dribbble Shot: http://d.pr/3ebK
    My Dribbble Account: http://dribbble.com/joeycadle

  79. Very kind of you to offer up the invites, guys!!
    As I see it, dribbble is about two things: sharing with the best community of designer and getting inspired. I’d love the dribbble invite to be able to display snippets of the things I’m working on, get feedback from the experts and community and step up my work.

    My dribbble Account: http://dribbble.com/danielalbro

    And here are some samples of dribbble shots I’d be posting: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/710960/dribbble-shot-danielalb.jpg

    I hope you’ll consider me for the invite. Appreciate it.


  80. We wish to be part of the Dribbble community so we can give the anticipated sneak peaks of our latest iPhone and iPad projects which we are constantly asked for….

    A small 400×300 teaser shot….


  81. Hey everyone.

    My name is Rob Scharf, and I’m a web developer located in Geneva, Switzerland. I would really love the opportunity to join Dribbble and learn from the great folks in the community.

    My 400×300:


  82. Im a self taunt photographer, who tried design and loved it, I love designing websites with a graphic interface. I would love to be a part of a design community to share my ideas with others and get good feedback.


    is my image

  83. CSS3 and Photoshop are my tools for website design, i would love to join the community of designers to get feedback on my designs, and help others.


  84. I would enjoy Dribbble community because in there are the best designers in the world and I want to share with their my progress, also gives great visibility for a job. I’m still young and I want to get better and better.

    I am posting the shot is part of an iphone application in developing: http://cl.ly/Dejo

  85. Dear Diego,
    This is my second shot,I am working on a website for Samsung’s Branding in Middle East. I made 3 artworks out of 10 for the website top pages, here’s one for Brand category :


    I really like to post my works on dribbble to get feedbacks from talented artists and I will to learn from them. I’d be happy to have your words on my two other artworks in here. http://goo.gl/wNmgk and http://goo.gl/K5Frc


  86. Really want to get access to Dribble.


    Atleast do it since my domain name rocks.

  87. Hi there,
    Thank you for the opportunity to be invited to be a part of Dribbble!

    Dribble is an awesome place to inspire and be inspired. I would love to be a part of this community of talented Designers, and i would love to give my knowledge ,inspiration and freebies to others. I know I would really fit in as I have an absolute passion for beautiful detailed design. I specialize in Web ,UI – and CI design.


    Warm regards

  88. Angel Ng

    Hey Guys!

    Thanks for offering up your invites! One of the main reasons I became a designer is because it allows me to keep learning new things. Dribbble is one of the best communities to learn and grow and I just want to be part of it all and contribute back.

    Here’s my shot: http://bit.ly/Agw2rF
    Here’s my Dribbble profile: http://dribbble.com/angelng

  89. Mark Frain

    Hi all!
    As a creative bod I love the Dribbble community and it’s a great place to see snippets of projects going on around the world with such great variety of styles and techniques. I’m in the UK working as creative manager for a mobile and social technology company where we work on some great projects for big brands.

    It would be great to show some the “snippets” i’d be allowed to share before they are released to the world of the web and app store, as well as personal projects I have going on.

    Thanks for the opportunity Diego and good luck to everyone hoping for a spot in the lighthouse we all follow.


    Manchester, UK

  90. Hello,
    I’ve been looking for dribbble account for so long now. I just feel bad for lurking into inspiration and techniques and giving back nothing to the community.

    Here’s my latest work, a logotype of the cultural event organising agency:

    All the best!

  91. Hi,
    my name is Luis Gerhorst, I’m doing webdesign. I often add new features to my website, I also have a small tumblr template and a photo blog where I post shot’s of nice websites I discovered (template is also self-made). The shot here is from my personal website, hope you like it:


    Luis Gerhorst

  92. Greetings~

    I am an exhibit and print designer currently working at the Museum of Florida History in Tallahassee. I would feel honored to be a part of the best design community in the world.

    With the museum I design exhibit layouts, logos, all promotional materials (such as postcards, posters, etc), and hand cut vinyl lettering for exhibit titles and text.

    In my free time I love to design letterpress artwork using a table top Kelsey press and I also work with a local letterpress print shop for design projects.

    I would post to Dribbble all of my personal and professional work. Below is a small sample of a postcard I designed when I started working for the Museum. The design is part of a series of postcards, tickets and posters for our monthly Third Thursday event.


    Thank you for your consideration,
    Brannon Solomon

  93. My guts tingle and my mouth waters. That’s how I feel whenever I log onto my prospect account and take a look around. That’s the kind of work I want to create.

    Getting feedback from those at the top of their game, and delving into the international design community would help me expand my horizons, and grow into the designer I hope to one day become.

    I’d appreciate a Dribble invite. Truly.

    Thanks for the opportunity,

    My shot:

    My prospect account:

    My site (another Orman Clark jam):

  94. Adrian Cooney

    The real reason why I want Dribbble is that I want a quick and easy way to link clients to my latest work. Sure portfolio’s are great but when they see some response from other designers who are, let’s face it, top notch, they know exactly what to think. Anyway, I’m irish and I like to do all sorts of design.

    Here’s a shot of a sketch I did yesterday:

  95. Hey Diego

    Nice work man! I checked out some of your user interfaces, I especially like the simplification and negative space you allow in your UI designs very good work.

    Anyhow, I actually stubbled across your site on twitter, when doing my daily search for designers to follow. It’s cool you are doing a giveaway of a dribble invite, and I would love to be part of the community to contribute some recent works. Also do you have any generalized price guidelines for your interface services? I am a designer (Please check out my agency at http://www.matchworkstudio.com), but usually work with someone who specializes in UI design for our developments. We are going to be doing an app for the site we recently developed http://www.thinkifi.com. It would be cool to get an average cost for a main UI. I release you would probably need more details to estimate and those could be provided.

    Recent work for Vintage.

    Thanks Diego I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards


  96. I would like to join the Dribbble community because I would benefit greatly from being a part of a supportive community that fosters originality and creativity. I feel that Dribbble is the perfect place for me gain new insights and delve into new perspectives from other individuals who share the same passion that I possess in regards to design. I have a thirst for learning new ideas and ways of thinking, I believe the only place I can satiate that thirst is through the Dribbble community. I would love to become a contributing member by providing any form of help to others through constructive, honest feedback and support.

    Design is a calling I have had all of my life and being given the chance to join a community such as Dribbble would have a lasting, positive effect on my life and my future. A community is a place to learn, grow and to help others do the same. Dribbble is a perfect example of such a place.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Here is a link to a sample of my work: http://cl.ly/DiDj

  97. Hi Diego,

    I am a web designer (originally a graphic designer) transitioning into UI/UX design and browse dribbble fanatically, for obvious reasons, for inspiration and to grow knowledge of web design’s best practices. I’m especially drawn to users who use CSS3 and are designing for fluid sites. I’m thirsty, and could use a one-up on designers who have more resources than I do at this time. I’ll be paying my own way through school and hope to submit a portfolio that will allow a junior transfer into CCA by the end of February. I could really use a dribbble invite! I bleed caffeine and sleep very little in order to reach the top. I also care about giving back to the community, as you can tell if you browse my Forrst posts.

    Good luck to all


    My forrst snap:

  98. I would love to be a part of the supportive but critical dribbble community so that I can refine my skills as a designer. I already find myself getting lost in the inspiration, and find that an hour or so of browsing pumps my creativity up to eleven. It would be nice to feel confident posting my “in progress” shots, knowing that everyone there is constantly in a state of refinement.

    My 300×400:
    Custom Contact Modal, for tutorial progress
    My portfolio:
    elou webdesign

  99. I would love to join the Dribbble community because I am an active social media poster on user interface / experience design topics, news, etc… and would do the same on Dribbble. Here is an example of shots I’d be posting http://db.tt/ywtQtdp6.

  100. Hi, My name is Jasper Potts I am a engineer, designer and great fan of dribbble. I hope these you would like to see my work on dribbble. Here is my example shot http://jasperpotts.com/dribbble/PNGs/WorldClock.png of a world clock application I designed for a project that has yet to see the light of day. Wow its hard picking one single shot, so here as a collection of shots showing the type of work I would like to post to dribbble:


  101. Hello,
    I would love to be apart of the dribbble community because its a awesome source of inspiration.
    As a designer, i believe sharing is a way to grow my own ability.at the same time get inspired from looking at other creative works. So i would like to share my work and learn from the other great designers on dribbble.

    thank you very nuch!

    Here’s my graphic shots:


  102. j

    I would like to become a part of dribbble to grow as a designer. The sure volume of expertise and talent present on the site is great inspiration. I would like to be apart of the community that helps shape the design world.

    Shot: http://cl.ly/DlUA

  103. I don’t really like to beg, however I do enjoy being part of a design community, sharing & helping others.

    Dribbble Shot: http://tinyurl.com/6r8dqry

  104. Amazing shots. The result is in tree days, you still have time to submit your shot.
    good luck

  105. I’ve been wanting to join dribbble for a while now, but since I’m currently working on my portfolio I haven’t really tried different means to get an invite.

    Dribbble is daily source of inspiration for me, but I can’t wait to take it to the next level. I’d love to post my designs and get feedback from colleagues in order to improve my work. Here are some example of what I would be posting:


    Thanks for this opportunity!

  106. I would like to be a part of that community to help others with my experience and share some projects. I’m a Designer from Germany based in Amsterdam

    My shot…

  107. When I was a little boy, I was, like little boys all around the world, trying to find my passion in life. As is quite common I turned my attention to sports, with basketball being amongst them. But alas, this sports thing wasn’t for me. And I fell into a life where I wandered around aimless, without a chance to have a decent conversation with my peers. For they had filled their heads and littered their talk with words I knew nothing about, like alley oop, three pointer and rebound.

    It was many years later that I started turning more and more to graphic design. And it was here I found my passion, a purpose in life; to make it more beautiful. Yet there seemed to be something missing. It was now my turn to make peoples head spin by the words I used. So none of my friends laughed when I wondered aloud: “To kern, or not to kern. That is the question” and it made me quite the sad panda.

    Then in 2009 a miracle happened. A place was created, as if by magic, where I found people I could share my passion with. Who understood whatever the hell I was rambling on and on about. Who knew how to kern and create graphics like a boss. This was Dribbble. But again I was struck by bad luck. I had no people to let me into this great place. And I sat behind my computer for years hoping for a shot to gain access to this community. So I could finally be able to truly dribble, pass, shoot and go in for the slam dunk with the greats. And to learn from them immensely.

    So it is with great hope and anticipation I hereby send in my shot for your approval: http://cl.ly/142b3B3a1T0I020a2T0R. And my prospect account: http://dribbble.com/domakesaythink.

    Thanks for this great chance,
    Martijn de Frankrijker

    [DISCLAIMER This story is slightly exaggerated for dramatic effect. Some of these things might or might not have happened, depending on how hellbent you are on the 'truth'. And maybe it wasn't basketball per se but maybe more like football/soccer. Ah well, tomato tomatoe I guess.]

  108. Gary Chai

    Dribbble is source of inspiration for me, and I want to share my shot to others.
    This is a great opportunity for designers all around the world to get together exchange their work and inspiration. I would like to participate in!

    my shot:http://dl.dropbox.com/u/37027104/shot.png

    my prospect account:http://dribbble.com/garychai

  109. I’d like a dribbble invite to prove to myself that all those long days and countless weekends in front of the computer aren’t in vain. That if you send out just a few good designs into the world, goods things come back around.

    However, I’d like Dribble to stay as awesome as possible, so if there are others out there more befitting of the invote, at least Dribbble stay as great as ever.

    Sorts of things I’d be posting:


  110. John Jo

    Hello, Let me thank you all for the opportunity to become a member of one of the interesting and inspiring places in the web where so many talented people show their greatest shots.

    I have been in art since I can barely remembered myself, it all started when I was taken to the art school when I was 7, since then I’ve been exploring and pushing my limits in that field, and now I am proud to show you a few shots of what I have accomplished.


    Kind regards,
    John Jo

  111. Hi,

    I’d love to win a dribble Invite! I’ll be uploading my designs for website, logos, illustrations, etc.


    @dribbble: http://dribbble.com/graftek
    @twitter: https://twitter.com/grafictakniques

    I appreciate the opportunity to be involved in the contest and hope I get the nod to be part of the community.
    Muhammad Bilal

  112. The reason I want to be part of Dribble is because it has such an amazing community and I feel that if I could be part of that it would really help increase my design skills which would be a huge aid as I’m currently at University hoping to get a career in web design.

    My shot ~ http://cl.ly/0s1h0k3o1F2i1n2j2V1f
    Also my portfolio ~ http://www.jackscorey.co.uk

    Thanks x

  113. I want to be apart of Dribbble, because I would really love a wide range of feedback on my illustrations, web designs, etc. And my dogs just stare at me or continue snoring when I show them my latest stuff.

    Shot: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1656272/dribbble.png

    Thank you.

  114. I want to be a part of dribbble in order to contribute positively to a community of talented designers who strive to help others improve their work.


  115. I’d love the opportunity to be apart of the Dribbble community.

    400 x 300 shot:


    Dribbble Profile:

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