The Dribbble giveaway results

The Dribbble giveaway results

The submissions were really impressive. It was hard to choose our favorites.

I want to thank @meisso_jarno, @Cazoobi and @Pixelcloth for joining me and making possible this great Dribbble invite giveaway.

This has been much harder than we anticipated because there are many good shots. There are several that would have gotten invites had we had a few more.

However, the ones that blew us away were:

@meisso_jarno choice

Chris Mead

The Dribbble giveaway results

@userdiegomonzon choice

Keith Sereby

The Dribbble giveaway results

@Cazoobi choice

Brad Jamed

The Dribbble giveaway results

@Pixelcloth choice

Dries Lambrecht

The Dribbble giveaway results





The Dribbble giveaway results

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Many thanks for your comments.

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  1. So many great designers, too bad we had only 4 invites. But there’s always the next invite challenge :)

  2. John Jo

    I agree there were some good shots worth givin the invite, but these 4 guys just kicked the shit outta us:)) I mean they deserved it, really impressive work fellas. It was an honor to compete with u. Congratulations!

    John Jo.

  3. Great work boys!!! Welcome to dribbble!

    Diego: Hay mucha gente con talento fuera de dribbble y esto no puede ser. Creo que estas iniciativas son perfectas para descubrir nuevos artistas y poder admirar su obra. Los talentos que habéis elegido son impresionantes.

    Un saludo.

    • Jordi,
      Si, hay muchísimos diseñadores con un talento impresionante que merecen estar en dribbble, pero a veces es difícil encontrarlos, esta es la mejor vía que he encontrado.
      Muchísimas gracias por tu comentario, nos vemos por ahí, Saludos;-)

  4. Congrats Winner.
    Really awesome work.

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