Pioneer App User Interface PSD


I recently bought an amazing Pioneer VSX-822-K receiver , and I am in love with it. It has Exceptional audio and video quality, works with iPod, iPhone and iPad, has AirPlay, connects to Internet Radio (Pandora) and they even made an Pioneer ControlApp to control the receiver from your iPhone.

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Lamborghini Tachometer Freebie


I started this just for fun, but I am going to make a set of cool tachometers and give it as a freebie. Do you like it?

As always everything is made with shapes and completely editable.

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3 progress bars – Photoshop CS6 Freebie


This is the first Adobe Photoshop CS6 freebie I made. I used the new and  very useful  ”add styles to groups” feature. You can open it with CS5 , but you will miss some details. Have Fun

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The Dribbble giveaway results


The submissions were really impressive. It was hard to choose our favorites.

I want to thank @meisso_jarno, @Cazoobi and @Pixelcloth for joining me and making possible this great Dribbble invite giveaway.

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Dribbble Invite Giveaway January 2012


Once again here is a Dribble Invite Giveaway, this time to celebrate the New Year 2012 and my new website design thanks to an awesome theme by Orman Clark and a lot of customization and hard work.

Now your chances of becoming a member of the greatest design community in the world have TRIPLED QUADRUPLED!!!

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Dribbble Invite Giveaway


This is the second time I am doing a dribbble invite giveaway, but this time we’re gonna do things a little differently.

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