Free Check Box / Button


I had some time today to make something I had in mind for some time, a button with a check box. I think it ended looking good. The background was achieved using my previous freebie “Pixel Perfect Blueprint Pattern” and some adjustment layers. Download the free .psd file it and let me know what do …

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Pixel Perfect Blueprint Pattern


This is a simple pixel perfect, completely free blueprint pattern. Download, enjoy and don’t forget to let me know what you think.    

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8 Eight Free Fabric User Interface Textures


3rd in my series of User Interface textures. This pack includes 8 large (2560×1440) fabric texture images. Download it and make sure to check the previous two: “8 More Textures for Professional User Interface Designers” “10 Must Have Textures for Professional User Interface Designers”    

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8 More Textures for Professional User Interface Designers


After so many downloads of my previous freebie “10 Must Have Textures for Professional User Interface Designers” I decided to make and give away another beautiful pack of textures for interface designers. This pack includes 8 large (2560×1440) high quality images. Please feel free to share, download and enjoy them.

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HTML 5 Shield Logo in 3D – Free PSD


Today I am giving away a HTML Logo in 3D , but made completely in Adobe Photoshop. I bet can also find the 3d stage useful. As always everything is completely editable and scalable. Download and enjoy it.  

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This is a set of four 2560 x 1600 completely free images that simulate fabric. They were all made using of Cinema 4D and Photoshop. The images look amazing as wallpaper / desktop background on big displays , but can be used for any purpose.

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Dark and Black Backgrounds


As some may know , I like dark and abstract desktop images. I made a set of 3 images and give it for free. Enjoy.

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FREE Vector iPhone 4 plus Bonus Backgrounds

  • iPhone 4  in 3 angles.
  • Every phone detail is made with editable paths (vector)
  • You can easily change any dimensions & rotate without loosing detail or quality
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